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How it Works

Intertwined Entertainment, focuses on our experience with you! Our system is designed to help reach the goals at which you want to achieve! We specialize in providing music, production, and marketing services to recording artists and aspiring ones. In addition to this, we realized that just like artists, businesses and creators are brands too, so we've expanded our solutions to you as well! In all cases, you begin any service with us with an onboarding checklist, next you get to talk to real people not some robot about how you want things executed. Finally, we set the playing field together, we capture your vision, and then we get to work! It's really that simple!


As a recording artist you have three options when working with Intertwined.

1) Service, we provide you with a direct form of creative fulfilment based on need.

2) Bundles, for a short period of time, you work with us to bring multiple projects to life that are all connected to your vision!

3) Packages, an extensive career exploding campaign with us, working with you every step of the way to launch you in the stars!


You decide which is best for you based on, your vision, budget, and timeline!

Small Businesses

We know what you might be thinking? We are a music company how could we help you? You'd be surprised actually. Businesses and artists actually have more in common than you think. 

- Both are brands 

- Both looking to increase reach/audience

- Both searching for smart/affordable solutions

-Both are unique in their own way

Are we wrong? Probably never looked at it that way. Well we did, that's why we want to help you! Our solutions our designed to give you optimal options to grow your business.

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