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What is the Artist BootCamp?

Intertwined Entertainment & Passion Toolbox have collaborated to bring you the artist Bootcamp! If you are an independent artist looking to take your career to the next level. You will not regret this decision. Let's face it; if you don’t run your music career like a business it's going to pay you like a hobby. Real businesses have marketing plans, they build out order of operations that allow their results to compound over time. But we get it your an artist, not a marketer. So trying to figure out how to market yourself can be very overwhelming. It’s easy to waste thousands of dollars if you don’t know what your doing. So we decided to put this bootcamp together to keep you from wasting your time and money . Our single release bootcamp is a 3 day bootcamp where we will teach you exactly how to market yourself, so you can build this into a full time career. You’ll walk a way with everything you need to get your music noticed.




What will you learn from this?

Fundamental music industry tips, tools, and resources.
How to monetize your music quickly
How to build a real organic fanbase/audience
How to market your music brand & image
How to communicate as a artist via mass media such as interviews, radio, and TV.
Easy to implement social media strategies