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How it Works

Intertwined Entertainment, focuses on our experience with you! Our system is designed to help reach the goals at which you want to achieve! We specialize in providing music, production, and marketing services to recording artists and aspiring ones. In addition to this, we realized that just like artists, businesses and creators are brands too, so we've expanded our solutions to you as well! In all cases, you begin any service with us with an onboarding checklist, next you get to talk to real people not some robot about how you want things executed. Finally, we set the playing field together, we capture your vision, and then we get to work! It's really that simple!


As a recording artist you have three options when working with Intertwined.

1) Service, we provide you with a direct form of creative fulfilment based on need.

2) Bundles, for a short period of time, you work with us to bring multiple projects to life that are all connected to your vision!

3) Packages, an extensive career exploding campaign with us, working with you every step of the way to launch you in the stars!


You decide which is best for you based on, your vision, budget, and timeline!

Small Businesses

We know what you might be thinking? We are a music company how could we help you? You'd be surprised actually. Businesses and artists actually have more in common than you think. 

- Both are brands 

- Both looking to increase reach/audience

- Both searching for smart/affordable solutions

-Both are unique in their own way

Are we wrong? Probably never looked at it that way. Well we did, that's why we want to help you! Our solutions our designed to give you optimal options to grow your business.

  • Where are your recording studios?
    We currently have two private recording studios located in Michigan. One is located in Detroit, MI and the other is located in East Lansing, MI. The official address and directions are shared with you, once you book a studio session with us!
  • What software do you use to record?
    At Intertwined we use the most up-to-date versions of DAW, Logic Pro X and FL Studio. As an artist you may pick the one you like based on your preferences.
  • Do my sessions come with an engineer?
    Yes! All studio sessions come with an engineer that is actively working with you to record and mix your track in real time.
  • Can you distribute my music for me?
    No. currently Intertwined does not offer distribution services, however we do offer "FREE" setup up classes to help you set up your distribution and publishing as an artist. You can book one by clicking "book a call".
  • How will you create my content?
    We have a team of graphic deisgners, creators, and marketers, that specialized in using softwares such as the complete Adobe Suite, Canva Pro, Envato Elements, AutoDesk Sketchbook etc.
  • Can you do animation?
    Yes! We do have animators on our team who, not to brag but are really good! Check out some of our animations!
  • Do I own the work I pay for?
    Yes! 100%. From a legal stand point you are paying for "work for hire" therefore once the work is completed you own it 100% of your intellcutal property (copyright) please review our Terms of Service for more infromation.
  • Can you shoot commericals or promotional videos?
    Yes. Advertsing is something we specialize in under our marketing services. Videos can be between 15 secs- 3 mins. when it comes to a form of advertisment.
  • Can you do photoshop?
    Yes we can! We love to focus on or great amazing thing using photoshop and abode illsurate. However we will not photoshop any thing that is repauation harming, offensive, discarmonatory, or identity stealing. Please review our Terms of service.
  • Can you run ads for me?
    Yes. Intertwined Entertainment has just apodted a new ad management program that allows you to pay us to create your enagaging copy and then position those ads in the correct market. This option is only available for bundles and packages. Please review our pitch decks on "how it works" page for more information.
  • What is Brand Development?
    We love this question! Brand Development is the process of creating compelling and unique content that aligns with the objectives of your brand. Rather you're an artist, business or indivdual brand development helps make sure that your commuication to your audience is consistent and clear.
  • How do you track my progress?
    Using our KPI system. Which stands for Key Performance Indicators, we anaylze how you are performing and build a our marketing strategies around your enagegment to better understand and grow your reach!
  • Does Intertwined have an app?
    Not yet! We have unique business model and turning it into a app that everyone will love and enjoy will take some time. We are actively working with our team of developers to bring you a super cool and creative app, so Intertwined is always at you finger tips.
  • How much do your services cost overall?
    Great Question! Our services have a pretty wide price range. The honest answer is, it depends on what you would your interested in. We will say, with all things considered our average client spends about $350.00 when working with us intitally. This again is just and average, meaning we have options much cheaper, and things that can be more expensive. Please visit of our services page for more information.
  • How much does studio time cost?
    Studio time starts at $45.00/hour (with a two hour minimum) and you can book up to a 10 hour block for $400.00 in one day.
  • How much do you charge for Music Videos?
    It honestly depends. Our starting price for a music video is $750.00, this comes with 4k camera shooting, lighting, and 2 close locations and up to 3 outfit changes and of course editing. However the more elobrate you want your video the more expensive the video becomes we have shot videos upward of $8,000.00. It is truly based on your vision, budget, and timeline. Check out some of our music videos here.
  • What do I need to put down to get started?
    The cost of the serivce will determine this. Also the type of payment plan your service falls under in our system. Just to give you an idea of a tier, anything under $350.00 requires at lease a 50% deposit.
  • Do businesses pay more?
    No. We have created a extremely competitve price martix that we are proud of. This allows us to price businesses and artist nearly the same. Some things will flex based on the need but our pricing is fair and designed to meet the needs of the consumers.
  • Is my money refundable?
    Two part question here. First Part. Yes, your money is 100% refundable if we can not deliver on our end (extremely rare), there are extreme circumstances, or uncontrollable mediums such as natural disater, death, or closure of business. You will recieve a 100% credit to your account or a check (if you paid with cash) with in 7-14 business of the refund. Second part. No, deposits for a service or services that have already been done, completed, or in progress are non-refundable, this why we offer the pay as you go option for payment plans and keep you up to date as we are doing things and making changes. If we mess up, which can happen we are human, we will do everthing in our power to fix it to "your liking" as best we can, or we will give you a free work vochuer for less or equal value as the previous service. Reschedule the completion of your work for a different time or give your a super discount for the next time you would like to work with us. Our goal is to maintain a strong and positive relationship with you!
  • How long does service take?
    Our favorite statement to hit you with; it depends! To give you an idea, indivdual serivces can range between same day-8weeks. Bundles will be between 2 days-2 months and finally packages will between 2months-6months being our most extensive timeline. It really is based on your need.
  • Am I updated regularly?
    Yes! We don't keep you in the loop! You are the loop. You will be in commuication with us regularly and when it things changes, move, improve, update, or complete you will be the first to know. This is your project, we want you to be involoved as much as possible.
  • Can I do payment plans?
    Absolutely! All of our services come with customizable payment plans with some restrictions. However, you can also adjust payment plans during your project or pay eariler if you'd like.
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